Wednesday, 23 November 2016

The Cruelty of Free Will

In his book The Cruelty of Free Will, author Richard Oerton has written a sequel to his previous work, The Nonsense of Free Will.

He does not believe in the concept of free will and he argues his case against the concept of free will in a trenchant and erudite fashion.

He believes that free will is a cruel concept, that it brings about much confusion and causes untold amounts of destruction, incomprehension and outright cruelty.

He points out that the concept of free will is a dangerous one in that it rules out biological determination and cal cause people to blame others for matters that are not a product of free will at all, but of biological and environmental "luck."

This is an interesting book which students of biology, theology and atheism might like to read in order for them to better understand the human condition. And to learn more about their own viewpoints. 

It costs £8.49 and is published by Matador Books and is available to purchase at our very own book shop which you will find here>>>>

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