Friday, 25 November 2016

The Adventures of a Mzungu

In his latest book, The Adventures of a Mzungu, David Ardron takes a retrospective look back at his times spent travelling through the continent of Africa.

The book is a light-hearted and compelling look back at his times spent in Africa, whilst there for pleasurable travel and also for work.

He was a travelling novice when he first started his sojourns inot the African continent and he saw everything through the fresh and unjaded eyes of a travelling novice.

On his first visit to a shanty town in Nairobi, he was startled by a Masai security guard, enjoyed (if that's the correct word...) is first experience of public transport in Africa and managed to survive his first encounter with African wildlife. You will be glad to know that neither he, or the water buffalo, were any the worse for their mutual experience.

Throughout the coming years David met a great many interesting people, sometimes in hospital and prison visits, flew to and from a number of airports (an adventure in itself, to be honest) met even more wildlife (and, thankfully, continued to survive these encounters) and he even (somehow!) managed to survive his attempts at negotiating African traffic as a driver.

In 2007 he spent a year in Uganda, where he realised that there was a problem with the idea of arranging training for village church leaders. They had not the funding to attend training courses in distant cities, so David hit on the idea of bringing the necessary training to them, instead.

He found the required training course, found training to enable him to present the training courses and this is what he now does, taking the training to even the remotest villages where this training is desperately required.

This is a very inspirational book and it will make an ideal Christmas present for people who want to learn about travel and inspirational people like David Ardron.

The book isd from Matador and costs £11.99.

It's available to purchase at our own shop, here >>>

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