Sunday, 11 December 2016

Snake Ring at Risk & Other Stories

Snake Ring at Risk & Other Stories is a refreshingly brilliant collection of short stories from author John Holroyd.

The stories are aimed at children and contain good, positive moral underpinnings, but children of ages 9 to 99 (and beyond) will find these stories equally enchanting.

 You will reads about the Witch that wasn't, the not stupid at all boy who should not have been called Pie, a kitten who was full of mischief, the mystery of what the old lady in black was really singing and that's all in the first story!

There's the exciting new game that Sammy invented for himself, which resulted in him working to free a planet from an influx of giant snails, but it was only a dream. Or was it?

There are stories of revenge that was misplaced and erroneous, and also what happened when the Snake Ring was at risk.

The book costs £7.99 and is an essential read for everyone.

It is published in January and you can pre-order your copy here at our book and gift shop >>>

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