Saturday, 10 December 2016

All About Cruising

All About Cruising is a new and highly amusing look at cruiseships and those who cruise around the world on them.

It is a mixture of cartoons and the written word all crafted by qualified Yachtmaster and former Royal Navy member "Boz."

Boz takes a look at the history of cruiseships and holiday cruising, pointing out that perhaps the first cruiseship master was actually Noah? And that other early proponents of the cruising life were Polynesians, Vikings and the like.

He lets us look at what life is like on modern cruiseships from the point of view of the crew and the passengers.

He also, to coin a phrase, lifts the hood on the esoteric world of the Private Charter Cuisers and luxury full rigged sailing ships. Although he does say something about them that does, somewhat, dispel their mystique. But what this is you can find by buying this excellent book  here >>> at £9.99.

It's a great Christmas gift for the armchair traveller or for those people who have been on, or who are going on a cruise.

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