Saturday, 17 December 2016

Emotions of a Book

In his book "Emotions of a Book" author Guido Parisi explores the links between the author and his novel.

In a way that many might feel follows on in the tradition of Six Characters in Search of an author, the important 1921 play by fellow Italian Luigi Pirandello, this arguably equally important work explores the relationships between the author and the book that the author is creating.

Does the book have a personality of its own? Is it, in fact, a living creature in its own right?

Parisi argues that this point of view can be extended to all other artistic categories, the musical, artistic, dramatic, painters, sculptors and so forth.

Written by lecturer, teacher and a professor of literature, Emotions of a Book is a work that belongs on the bookshelves of anyone with even a passing interest in the arts and the meaning of life.

Although a work that touches on a great many different, yet, in reality, related themes (the arts, history, the nature of love and friendship, truth and so on) it is written in a style that is easily accessible by anyone who cares to read it.

The ideas that flow through and from this book are important and this book will make a excellent Christmas present for anyone who loves the arts and life in general.

It is published by Matador at £10.99 andis available for purchase here >>>

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