Monday, 21 November 2016

Religion Can Be Fun

Religion Can Be Fun is a light-hearted and humours approach to how religion can be taught as a subject.

Huib van Hoeven, who lives in the English county of Norfolk has spent a great many years doing religion. This has included a wide range of activities from conducting intercessions to leading morning praise services.

Yet Huib is, rightly, some would say, concerned about how religion is often portrayed as being very serious. And this, he believes, is why it often fails to give a spark to the imagination of younger people.

In his book he points out that religion does not have to be dull or boring and can, actually, be a whole lot of fun, instead.

But how can this be achieved, you might ask?

Huib's own worship style is light in heart and aims to bring a smile to the face of those who are wanting to learn more about religion.

He is quoted as saying: "In general the church comes over as heavy and serious and vestments, rituals and practices that are seen as incomprehensible."

He goes on  to say that "though the High Church (so called) has many followers, it has little place for the younger generation. In compiling this book, I hope to show there can be another side to religion, which may be more attractive to younger people."

Huib believes that the church could offer much more to people, especially younger people.

Readers of the book are challenged to experience the impact of the powerful messages that are contained within this book and see the differences they make within themselves.

For those who are sceptical or who are doubters, it is the intention of Huib to show them how they can take the opportunity to rethink their position on their views on God and religion.

Readers who might feel that they are at the end of their tether could, Huib hopes, face their life with renewed vigor and stimulation.

It contains stories from the Bible, including Paul's shipwreck, how to recharge our batteries, a prayer for laughter and a whole host of other contents.

The forward is written by Jonathan Meyrick, the Bishop of Lynn.

Published by Matdor at £7.99, this book is a wonderful companion for those wishing to learn more about the Christian religion.

It's an easy, yet thought-provoking read and will make an admirable Christmas present.

It can be purchased at The That's Books and Entertainment book and gift shop which you can access here

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