Friday, 25 November 2016

Shifting Stories How changing their story can transform people

It's said that everyone has a story. But what if you could help people to change their story? What would happen to them? What would become of them?

In his new book, Shifting Stories How changing their story can transform people, Andrew Scott, a freelance management training consultant and coach who has worked with top blue chip organisations and many universities during the past three decades, points out that you can help people change their story and, therefore, change themselves.

If your job requires you to help others to become more effective in a workplace setting, then this book will be of immense value and help to you.

It uses a completely revolutionary approach  to addressing the life of your organisation in order for oyu to be better able to coach your staff members more effectively, boosting your team to work more successfully, deal with and resolve interpersonal difficulties, bring about change (by leadership!)  and resolve conflicts.

Andrew began a five year process of examining the multitude of different approaches that are available, ranging from Narrative Theraphy to CBT.

He has created a synthesis which has brought about a new and unique method to assist people to re-write the stories within their lives which, Andrew, contends, impede and block their progress, their abilities and their effectiveness.

The book is broken down inot three distinct sections.  

What's the Big Idea?
The ManyStory Approach in Approach in Practice
Concluding Thoughts.

Section one covers how everyone lives our lives through story, how problems could arise because of the stories that people have created, how people can make their stories come true, for good or for ill, sometimes,  and how people can be helped to work with their stories to achieve better, more positive outcomes.

Section two deals with how the ManyStory approach can be applied. There are a number of very helpful case studies that explore and demonstrate all aspects of the system.

The final section, section 3, brings together everything that has been learned, but it also examines instances where the system has been seen to have not worked and he examines the lessons that we can learn from them.

The book will be a useful tool in the tool kit available to anyone in Human Resources, training, business coaching and management.

It costs £14.99 and is published by Matador. Copies are available for purchase at our own book shop at >>>

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