Saturday, 10 December 2016

Cancer A Journey's End

In this very moving book Prashant Naik gives an account of his wife's amazing fight with cancer.

In the year 2012, Tanvi Naik was given the diagnosis that she had breast cancer.

She commenced her course of treatment with hope and optimism and with a loving, caring family (her husband and two young daughters) she was firm in her resolve that the only option was her full recovery and that death would not result from her cancer.

She actually said: "That's for other people!"

However, the treatments for her breast cancer did not work and it was realised that her cancer was far more aggressive than at first thought.

Sadly, the major fear of the family came to pass, the diagnosis was that Tanvi's cancer was, after all, terminal.

But Prashant did not want the incredible story of his wife's brave struggle to go unrecorded and unnoticed, so he has written this book as a loving memorial to her fight against her cancer.

This book will be an ideal gift for anyone who has been touched by cancer or who needs to counsel or treat people who have cancer.

It is published by £8.99 and is available for purchase via our online bookshop >>>

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