Wednesday, 2 November 2016

A Healing of Gardens

A Healing of Gardens is a debut novel from the pen of L R Gray.

It's the first part of a two part series and it concentrates on the life of Jackie, who is a young boy who leads a sad life.

He is part English, part German and part Gypsy. But due largely to his appearance (which horrifies and disturbs people) he is cruelly and heartlessly rejected by his own family and rendered utterly friendless.

On his 15th birthday Jackie is taken in bu his paternal grandmother.

Although a "high born" Romany Gypsy, she, too, knows isolation, as she is, in effect, isolated.

She teaches him the secrets of operating her various business enterprises. Unfortunately she also inculcates within him her own warped character traits, her vicious, cold nature, her cruelty and her detestation of any sign of weakness.

This has a deleterious impact on young Jackie as it has a negative impact on his sanity and on the people who try to get close to him.

It's also the story of some beautiful people who are involved within his life.

Especially, there is Suzanne who is a young and attractive artist who he meets later on in his life.

She realises that Jackie is a tormented and troubled soul and she sees within him what ha cannot see within himself.

Their relationship is a troubled one, beset by horrors as cruelty upon cruelty threatens the sanity of both of them.

This is a hardback novel published by Matador and the adult themes that it covers are both disturbing and electrifying.

It costs £10.99 and is available at the That's Books and Entertainment Bookshop

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