Sunday, 28 February 2016

His Life Was Revenge

His Life Was Revenge is a new crime thriller of a novel by a retired police detective Jonathan S. Harvey.

It tells the story of Adam, a former special forces soldier.

He learns of a brutal Brighton crime family who, it seems, can get away with everything, including torture and murder of innocent members of the public. without any fear of retribution or justice.

Adam decides if the law cannot, or will not, do anything about this sick crime family, then he will.

He joins forces with a former comrade and he researches the murky and deep underworld of the criminal fraternity of Brighton.

And decides to eradicate them one, by one, with each member of the gang to be dispatched in diabolical fashions.

However, it becomes obvious that a corrupt member of the detective force is attempting to help the gang discover who is targeting its members and to apprehend him.

But is everything exactly as it seems? And can revenge ever be fully justified, even if the target is an evil, wicked criminal gang?

The book is published by The Book Guild at £10.99 and is an exciting, gripping thrilling crime novel.

It is available via The That's Book and Entertainment online bookshop, which you will find on the right hand side of this book review, along with hundreds of other crime novels, DVDs, etc.

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