Saturday, 1 July 2017

The Well of the Dead

I love a good murder mystery or a good crime story, so when a story from a former police officer, Clive Allan, comes along, that's a very good day, as far as I a concerned!

This is the second DI Strachan novel form Clive Allan and it features the terrible murders of Duncan Fraser, a distillery owner, and of his wife, Laura.

The small Scottish Highlands village of Glenruthven is shattered by the twin homicides and once again readers meet DI Neil Strachan as he leads the investigation, aided and abetted by his detective partner, Sergeant Holly Anderson.

They find themselves locking horns with a ruthless adversity, a criminal who seems to have a strange obsession with his Jacobite ancestry.

But what, exactly, is really happening?

However, all is not well with the lady in his life, his long-term partner, Cat. Did she lie to him? She's acting strangely, but is she having an affair or is it something else?

At some point his professional life and his personal life begin to blur together and unless he is very careful, his professional reputation could be at risk.

This novel grips from the beginning and it's a great murder mystery that is utterly enthralling, filled with characters that are well-rounded, with intelligent, insightful writing to keep you wondering until the very end.

It's published by Matador at a modest £9.99 and is available to purchase here

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