Saturday, 1 July 2017

Counting the Ways

Counting the Ways is a novel that is contemplative in nature, written by Jude Hayward.

Set in the decade of the 1980s, it looks back to an age -not that long ago to many of her readers- when instant communications just did not happen. No tweets, no Facebook wall, no Snapchat or Instagram and e-mails something we might have read about but, at that time, had no likelihood of ever receiving or sending one (how times change!) so communications between individuals were more slower and more contemplative.

We read the story of Grace Barnes who meets, and falls in love with, Archie Copeland.

Grace is thrilled to have met someone who seems an ideal match for her. Well, he shares the same obsession for reading that she has and enjoys the same intellectual pursuits, too.

However, her mother Hester, and Grace, herself, are shocked when Hester's husband Fergus makes an appearance at the wedding of Grace and he beau.

The surprise is a not unnatural reaction to his sudden reemergence after exiling himself from his family by running away to live on a hillside in rural Wales some 30 years previously.

Shocking soon after their wedding Grace is perturbed by a growing distance between herself and Archie. What, exactly, is happening with him?

When they take a impromptu holiday on a Greek island, all seems well, but then Archie vanishes.  

Then Hester, Grace and Fergus take a detailed look at their relationships and how they had reached their current situations.

It's a thoughtful novel filled with multiple layers and costs £9.99 from Matador. You can purchase it at

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