Sunday, 30 July 2017

Film review, Thugs Vs Dinosaurs, a "Must Watch" movie

Thugs vs Dinosaurs is a recent "straight to YouTube" release directed and produced by Tripp Tiffany.

It's a film that is humorous, though it does have moments of satire and of genuine pathos, too.

A (heartbroken) young paleontologist, Seth W. Boi gives a lecture to a classroom filled (or not!) with only two people.

He then goes home and changes from his paleontologist clothing to the clothing that he prefers to wear, that of a pimp, complete with a $ medallion.   

He goes to meet his friend Georg to help him celebrate Georg's birthday, but the area has become infested with dinosaurs! All created by Georg's grandfather, a former Nazi scientist!

They meet with a whole host of characters, some odd, some bizarre and some, to be frank, who are oddly bizarre or even bizarrely odd.

The film recording; lighting and sound quality are good, the costumes are innovative and the costumes contain some little jokes that you really should not miss!

The special effects, for a film with a total budget of $3,000 and a fairly large and well chosen cast, are excellent.

There are sassy women, gangland characters, a Nazi scientist, a military veteran and his missing daughter, a dubious police officer, a callus ex and her neandertal boyfriend in this wonderful film.

And the specially composed and specially performed musical score is worth listening to in itself.

I am sure you will enjoy this film.  

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