Sunday, 2 July 2017

It's Not All Rosey

This is not a work of fiction, it is a memoir written by Rosemary Bensley.

It starts with the event that defined her life, a tragic car crash that, randomly, took some lives and spared others, including that of Rosemary.

As many survivors of similar incidents tend to do, Rosemary wondered why she, and not others, had been spared, saved to live on.

Her life is a very untypical story as it can best be described as a "rags to riches" tale, born on the landing of her family's council house (with the umbilical cord wrapped, dangerously, around her neck) and she went from having to wear hand-me-down clothing to attending a boarding school which, although she left at 16 with no formal qualifications, could be said to have been the making of her.

It's a story of triumphs and tragedies of highs, lows and more highs as she finds a career path that leads to over 40 years of success from a lowly office junior to the dizzy heights of being a Managing Director (via many other stops, including that of Finance Director and East of England Businesswoman of the Year, 2011)  of a company in Thailand.

She also looks back at the different males in her life who appeared and sometimes disappeared, whilst often causing great emotional angst.

The book is illustrated throughout with photographs and it relates the story of a strong woman who shows what a woman can do if she sets her mind to it.

It's published by The Book Guild at £10.95 and will make an ideal gift for all women, both young and old.

It can be purchased here

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