Sunday, 22 May 2016

Trackbed Tales

Trackbed Tales is a new collection of  short stories by author N. M. Scott.

The stories are all set in and around the very British world of preserved steam railway lines.

But it is not just the locomotives, the vintage railway carriages, the antique signal boxes and the mid-Victorian station buildings, the old, echoing engine sheds and the mile after mile of preserved railway tacks and boxes and boxes of railway paraphernalia that are preserved.

For along with the ephemera there are the spectral presences that cling to the physical.

There are places where the dead do not rest in peace, but in pieces, there are creatures that know far, far too much, there are curiously marked human skulls found in hat boxes, and a variety of links with the past. Links that would far better be forgotten.

In hardback at £9.99 this Book Guild publication (available at the That's Books and Entertainment bookshop) is ideal for lovers of ghost stories and for those who are fans of preserved railway lines.

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