Sunday, 6 November 2011

Surfing, the Essential Guide

Surfing, the Essential Guide is a new book out in paperback from Need 2 Know Books. It is written by an expert surfer, Kathryn Dawes.

It's not a book aimed at the Californian surfers -as most books seem to be- it is aimed at people in the United Kingdom who have aspirations to become surfing experts, themselves!

There's nothing wrong with books aimed at the surfers of California or Australia or Hawaii, it's just that because surfing is a little different in the British Isles, a book aimed primarily at the United Kingdom market makes a good deal of sense.

Kathryn is not only an expert surfer, she is something of an educator, too. She tells you what you need to know about surfing, the best equipment to buy, depending on your budget, the best clothing, where the best surfing sites are in the British Isles, where you should surf and also places where a neophyte should avoid unitl they have a bit more surfing experience under their belt.

Kathryn addresses her readership as equals. As equals who might need to learn, but as equals, nevertheless. She does not talk down to her readers, which is not always the case with some surfing experts.

Kathryn tells you how and why waves work, safety, your first steps, the basic and easier manoeuvres and moves you will want to try, what equipment is available what you could or should not try at first, surfing in the United Kingdom, Europe and further afield for when you are a little more experienced. She also gives you tips on surf fitness and health and on surf culture, so you will be spared any embarrassing errors!

At only £9.99 this book is a must have Christmas present for every new surfer and perhaps for some more experienced surfers, too! ISBN 978-1-86144-106-5.

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