Sunday, 27 November 2011

Mercadzil And The November Bird by Anne S. Boryer

The fat old witch Mercadzil is fed up. Nothing interesting has happened for ages, no one has asked her for a spell, and the custard in her spell-pot has developed a horrible thick skin. Perhaps her old wizard friend Keekalee can cheer her up?

But when she drags out her broomstick and takes her fat cat Jones to visit Keekalee, they are in for an awful surprise. Keekalee is at the mercy of the terrifying Spikley, a witch who will stop at nothing to get power for herself. How can Mercadzil save her old friend? Without a thought for her own safety, she rushes into action ... and finds herself plunged into an astonishing magical adventure.

Mercadizil and the November Bird has 14 enchanting and bewitching black and white drawings that children will adore!

Anne Boryer, a member of MENSA, worked for many years as Head Library Manager at Plumpton College in East Sussex. She lives near Lewes and this is her first children's book. Yes, she does have a cat...and a cauldron!

£7.99 Hardback

978-1-84624-636-4 216 x 135 mm

Magical adventure for 7 - 9 year olds

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