Sunday, 27 November 2011

Harry Potter - A Christian Chronicle?

Foreword by Christina Rees
Written by Sonia Falaschi-Ray



This is a positive Christian slant on the ever-popular teenage wizard, Harry Potter.

Ever since their earliest publication, controversy has surrounded the Harry Potter books in religious circles, with many believing that they promote un-Christian values and might encourage children to explore and even become involved with the occult.

Church of England priest Sonia Falaschi-Ray believes quite the opposite to be true, and in Harry Potter: A Christian Chronicle she makes a compelling case for the books as enshrining, upholding and promoting Christian morality and spiritual truth.

The book includes a comprehensive study guide, which allows readers to delve deeper into the Christian parallels and symbolism contained in Harry Potter, and by doing so deepen their own knowledge of the Bible and themselves.

Whether you are a practising Christian, a Harry Potter fan, or both, this absorbing little book guarantees to entertain and provoke valuable debate.

The Reverend Sonia Falaschi-Ray is a priest in the Church of England, ministering in and around Cambridge. She graduated in Theology & Religious Studies from the University of Cambridge and studies for the ministry at Ridley Hall Anglican Theological Training College. She lives in Barkway, Hertfordshire with her husband John and their golden retriever, Quintus.

The author was originally a high-flying financial analyst in the city, before receiving her calling and becoming a female minister.

The book is said to be a balanced and positive Christian view of the hugely popular Harry Potter franchise

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