Sunday, 27 November 2011

Busy Mums: The Perfect Short Story For Busy Mums Looking For A Quick Read

More romantic than vampires but with an equally alluring agenda, Blake is a brand new, fantasy ebook set between the worlds of fantasy and reality. Available to download from Amazon for just £1.71, Blake is pure escapism.

An intriguing short story that instantly captures the reader's imagination, Blake features a young woman named Ebony who embarks upon on an emotional journey that sees her discover just what mystery surrounds this new guy in town. Little does she know, the same mystery surrounds her identity too, leading her to discover her new self along with the enchanted world of Elmwood...

Take time for you and enjoy this magical short story during elevenses' or when the children are in bed. Read at your convenience and travel to the unknown world of Elmwood for a truly enchanting escape with this perfect quick read.

Available to download from Amazon for the Kindle, Mac, PC and iPad, Blake is available now.

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