Saturday, 26 November 2011

Deep Water. A Cate Carlisle Files novel

Cate Carlisle receives a worried and, to be honest, rather frantic phone call from her boyfriend Michael in Australia.

Michael is working at a special marine sanctuary that, for no known reason, has become over-run with sharks. But these are no ordinary sharks. They are hyper-aggressive, and pose a very real and very lethal danger to not only the animal denizens of the marine sanctuary, but to the human population, too.

For some reason the authorities seem reluctant or unwilling to provide any assistance at all.

So Cate decides to step in to see exactly what she can do to help put things right. She soon discovers that she needs all of her natural quick wits and the expert help of her computer genius brother and her glamorous friends to avert an ecological catastrophe of immense  proportions!

But all is not what it seems. Who can Cate trust? Is everyone quite who or what they appear to be? Someone, a boy, has vanished in mysterious circumstances. What is the meaning of the strange, shadowy figures and the mysterious lights that seem to be haunting the ocean?

Deep Water is an ideal teen read and will make a super Christmas present. It is published by Piccadilly Press in paperback at £6.99. ISBN 978-1-84812-155-3.

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