Tuesday, 29 November 2011

1,000,000 Free e-books every single month

In the beginning the internet was free: information was available for all at the click of the mouse.

Over the past ten years quality information has become increasingly expensive with surfers being asked to 'join up', 'subscribe' or pay a one-off fee to find what used to be free.

Now, to reverse that trend need2know books have launched the big book giveaway with one million e-books covering more than 100 titles free every month.

Ian Walton, need2know publisher says "we launched the initiative for two main reasons: the altruistic one; to make the information free to those who cannot afford to buy the printed book and the commercial one, to build 'brand awareness' in the people that can".

In the first two days over 1000 books were downloaded, the most popular titles so far are: Bullying - a parents guide; Asthma - the essential guide and Applying to university.

Ian also added, "Whilst most publishers are working on web sites to SELL e-books we have spent a lot of time and money building a site to give the books away.

With the diversity of subjects in the need2know range covering health, education, social and leisure issues there is a book that can be helpful to everybody.

The plan is to make a permanent part of need2knows future marketing strategy.

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