Monday, 7 November 2011

No Time for Theory? New book explore simple stratergies for influence

With the ability to influence others in the world of business becoming increasingly vital, the launch of Advocates & Enemies: How to build practical strategies to influence your stakeholders ( is a must have read for anyone wanting to succeed and build powerful relationships that really work.

With 77% of respondents of a recent survey admitting finding it difficult to influence individuals, 74% struggling with groups, and most reporting networking as their biggest deficiency when it comes to influence, Advocates & Enemies could hold the key to change.

Packed full of simple and practical ideas, this easy read book is less about theoretical concepts and more focussed on looking ataccelerating progress so achievements and goals are met, and met quickly. It’s all about people using their influencing skills in simple ways in order to succeed.

Colin Gautrey, author of Advocates & Enemies, said, “The approach I’ve developed over the years and now explored in my third book, is a simple process of focusing on a specific objective; identifying who can help or hinder your achievement and then analysing them in terms of a. their agreement with your goal and b. the quality of the relationship you have with them”.

He added, “The book is perfect for anyone who is too busy to read lots of theory and wants to get on and develop a strategy for achieving goals and building strong networks – fast! In many ways people are generally quite good at building relationships but falter when it comes to focusing where it matters most – with key stakeholders. They also seem to struggle when it comes to getting out there with people they don’t know very well. Advocates & Enemies can help them change this so they can create stronger business relationships that really perform”.

Damian Hughes, author of Liquid Thinking, added: "This is a book which contains some simple yet profound truths about our ability to persuade and influence others. It is an important book and its impact should be immense.”

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