Saturday, 21 May 2016

Libby at the Botanic Gardens

Libby at the Botanic Gardens is a charming book by Basabi Banerjee.

It tells, for children and the adults in their life, the story of Libby the Labrador.

Libby was born in Australia but moved to Singapore to be with her new family.

Libby lived with her Mum, her Dad and Tipper and Ricky.

And they enjoyed living in Singapore, known as "the city within a garden" so she had lots of lovely walks.

One day a magic palm tree gives Libby a very precious, special gift. This leads to some wonderful walks and a exiting adventure in the Botanic Gardens.

In just one morning Libby learns to dance, foils a cruel bully and befriends some very special heritage trees.

Of course, Libby then wants to relate all of these wonderful tales to her new friend, the palm tree.

This book is illustrated by the skilful hand of Jeffrey Seow, an artist and illustrator with 30 years of experience.

The book is hard back and large format and costs £7.99.

It is published by The Book Guild and is available via the That's Books an d Entertainment bookshop. You'll find it to the right of this review.

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