Sunday, 1 May 2016

Horizons of Light

Horizons of Light is a passionate love story by Jaime Manrique-Palacin.

It's a novel in the erotic fiction genre (this is the English language version of the book which was first published in Spanish) which tells the story of Enrique who, in a hot summer's night back in 1964 takes the decision to leave his home town of Santa Maria de los Rios and emigrate to the United States of America.

He has to leave behind his wife and child -only for a while, of course- and leaves to make his mark in America.

He planned to bring his wife and his child over to join him in America, but a letter from home blew his plans into pieces, piercing his heart with the news that his family was now lost to him.

Eventually he makes his way across America and becomes a famous and wealthy actor in Hollywood, where his good looks and personality attracts admiration and romantic attention from members of both genders.

But Enrique needs more than brief encounters he knows that he must rediscover and fight for his one true love and bring joy and happiness to someone who had known misery and heartache.

This is a splendid and richly written novel which has heart and soul throughout it's pages.

It is published in hardback by The Book Guild at £17.99 and can be bought via the That's Books and Entertainment book shop, which you will find to the right of this book review.

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