Thursday, 3 November 2011

Primary School A Parent's Guide by Kim Thomas

Up until the 1981 act gave parents some choice over where they sent their children to school, a child was basically sent where there was a space at the nearest school.

With greater choice, however, comes greater responsibility. What should your child be learning at any given point in their career as a primary school pupil?

Exactly how should the admissions process work? Is it working properly in your area?

Is your child getting the education that it needs and that it deserves?

Who are you school's governors? Are they doing what they should be doing?

Are the buildings suitable?

What on earth is KS1 2 or whatever?

All of the above questions and many more are answered in clear, concise terms by educational expert Kim Thomas. And Kim is the kind of expert it is best to take notice of. Not only does she have a PhD in the sociology of education she is a parent of a child in a primary school and served as a parent governor at the school.

The book also contains a list of further reading material and a list of very valuable web resources. If you have a child who is going to go to primary school or who is already attending a primary school, then you will find this book of inestimable value.

You can also visit Kim's website at

It is published by Need 2 Know Books at £9.99, ISBN 978-1-86144-088-4.

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