Sunday, 27 November 2011

Findus at Chirstmas by Sven Nordqvist

It's Chirstmas Eve Eve, you know, the day before Christmas Eve?

It's a very busy time for Pettson and Findus his talking cat.

But when Pettson has an accident and sprains his ankle, what will Findus and Pettson do now?

How would they be able to celebrate a traditional Christmas? Because without a tree, without any ham and without any meatballs and without any gingerbread, they could have no Christmas!

The normally resourceful pair are close to giving up the idea of any Christmas celebrations of any kind at all, when something truly remarkable begins to happen.

Because suddenly, there is a knock at the door. And with that simple knock at the door starts a really heart-warming story of how Christmas can really bring out the best in cats and people!

Sven Nordqvist is one of the most popular children's authors and illustrators in Sweden, with over 6 million copies of his books sold, having been translated into 44 languages.

Having read Findus at Christmas, it is easy to see why. It is a magical and enchanting book and at £10.99 it should grace the stockings of many young children this Christmas.

It is part of the Findus and Pettson Series of books and is published by the  Hawthorn Press.

This book is guaranteed to put a smile on your face and perhaps a tear to your eyes, as it is such a beautiful story.

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