Sunday, 27 November 2011

Anya - A Thriller Based In The Shady World Of Car Dealers

Anya by R J DeLittle

Paperback £9.99

Anya is a complex, multi-themed thriller based in the milieu of an historic car dealership.

Vintage cars, beautiful women and a thriving business - Rick Manners has them all. He owns a successful historic car dealership, which runs smoothly with the help of his loyal Girl Friday, Sam Warrenne, and his raunchy good looks ensure he's never without a girlfriend. But when Rick meets the stunning Anya, he can't help wondering if she could be the one - and as Sam falls in love with aristocratic Bugatti owner Bruno Thierry, it looks as if each of them has found the perfect match.

But the discovery of a neglected Mercedes in a French barn sparks a series of shocking events, as long-buried race hatred is kindled and Rick and Sam's idyll is shattered by a burglary, a stalker - and someone with the drive to commit murder.

R J de Little has worked as a professional investor and company director, while indulging his passion for vintage and veteran cars. He owns and runs eight historic cars, the oldest dating from 1898. He lives in a converted Victorian gas works in Bolney, Sussex with a 27-foot windmill in the garden. Windmills are another passion in his life, and he has published several books about them and their history

A wealth of technical detail will delight historic-car enthusiasts and racing fans. It is reported that the film rights have been optioned.

The book is published by  The Book Guild.

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