Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Taking a Chance

Taking a Chance is a new novel written by Lesley M. Francis. It is, in fact, her debut novel.

It tells the story of the relationship between Imogen and her mother, Ada.

When Imogen was 50, Ada was dying.

As people do, Imogen begins to reminisce about the history of their relationship.

Imogen has a quirky way of coping with problems, which the reader will learn about.

However, whilst Imogen (who is one of those poor souls describable as being: "Too nice for their own good") is lovingly and patiently nursing Ada through this, her final ailment, Ada makes a confession to Imogen.

This revelation is an utter bombshell with the capability to not only totally destroy the once living relationship between mother and daughter it also has the power to smash the entire family to pieces.

Ada had employed charm throughout her life to get what she wanted. It must have come as a very rude awakening to realise that there are people, such as the staff at HMP Holloway Prison who... but that's getting a little ahead of ourselves.

To find out why Ada ended up in Holloway Prison and the secret that she nearly took to the grave, but, perhaps rather foolishly, didn't, you will have to read Taking a Chance!

It's an exceptionally well-written and well-realised novel, published by Matador at £9.99, available from the that;s Books and Entertainment bookshop.

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