Friday, 10 June 2016

First Choose Your Congo

First Choose Your Congo is the ninth travel novel by author David Fletcher.

There are two Congos, the Democratic Republic of Congo and the Republic of Congo.

Planning a visit to the Congo? Then perhaps you had better take the advice of experienced traveller and author, David Fletcher and remember to First Choose Your Congo!

First Choose Your Congo is the latest in the Brian's World series of novels.

Adjudged by some as provocative and irreverent, they are also highly amusing, as is the latest book.

Brain and his long suffering wife take the advice of David Fletcher and they take the necessary steps to choose their Congo. They opt, sensibly, one might hope, for the safer of the two Congos, the Republic of Congo.

Brian decides to secure a place on an expedition right into the heart of the rainforest of the Congo. Where, thankfully, there are no rebels and dangerous gangs of armed thugs to contend with. Just a blissful paradise of an unspoilt environment, filled with natural wonders to be experienced by the fortunate traveller.

It is a fascinating read, a book, illustrated with a selection of beautiful colour photographs, which takes the reader into a seldomly visited part of the heart of Africa.

From the trials of the tsetse flies and the Brazza monkey, the males of which have a bright blue scrotum and the facial features of an Ayatollah to the Gorilla sanctuaries, this book is certainly a useful primer for the person thinking of visiting the Congo (the right part of the Congo, naturally!) or the confirmed armchair traveller.

It is published by Matador Travel in paperback at £12.99.

It is available for purchase at the That's Books and Entertainment shop, which you will find over to the right of this review.

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