Thursday, 9 June 2016

Charlie Green and the Pirate's Treasure

Charlie Green and the Pirate's Treasure is the first novel for West Sussex-based writer Martyn Blunden.

He was inspired to write this book by watching his young daughter's pretend play games.

The hero of Charlie Green and the Pirate's Treasure is Charlie Green himself.

He is a feisty and brave boy of 11 years of age, he lives with his mum, his little sister and his older brother.

The family moves to a new house which is next to an abandoned airfield.

An abandoned airfield, next to the house? What a brilliant place for children to play on! After all, it was only used for grazing sheep and there were some footpaths crossing it, so what could possibly be wrong?

But... why were the local villagers so agitated about the airfield and its rusting hangers and crumbling concrete control tower? Why were they so insistent that the children should never be allowed to play there?

And why was there a face at the attic window of their new house? A window to a room nobody had access to?

Of course, the boys decide to search through the hangers, even though they are aware of the villager's warnings and the entreaties of their own mother.

They find that the workshop area of the hanger is filled with valuable tools and they also find that there is a special and very secret airplane with amazing powers.

The previous owner of the property, a man called Oliver, had vanished under mysterious circumstances many years previously.

But Oliver had been searching for a treasure map of Captain William Kidd, the Scottish sailor and Captain who was hung,  some say unjustly, as a pirate.

Oliver is actually trapped, back in time, on board a 17th century sailing ship.

But what did Harry the local postman know about Oliver and his mysterious little trips?

Could the children reach back through the years? If they could, would it be possible for them to save Oliver?

This is an exciting adventure yarn for all children and adults.It is published by Matador at £8.99 in paperback and needs to be on your Christmas filler list!

It's available via the That's Books and Entertainment online bookshop, along with thousands of other books, CDs, DVDs, etc.

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