Saturday, 19 September 2015

The London Sniper

The novel The London Sniper by Daniel Pascoe is a novel that relates how evil can contaminate all that it touches.

The Chgwell family, lead by family patriarch Arthur, is looking not for closure over the heartless decapitation murder of one of their family members by terrorists. At the London Olympics.

No. The Chigwell family is looking for a bloody revenge that will live on in the memory of those who hurt their family for a very long time indeed.

Their  chosen tool for this bloody revenge is former Army sniper Jarvis Collingwood. Having seen the death of his own brother in Iraq, Collingwood is, to put it mildly, perhaps not quite as stable as he might be. And is almost certainly far more dangerous than is realised even by those closest to him, including his wife.

Pitched against the plot is Leon Deshpande. He is a security consultant and an investigator. But can he take on the skills of someone who is, in their own way, as highly trained and just as determined as he is? Someone who is, in point of fact, equally matched to him?

What if someone is playing their own, equally deadly game? What if they are using the desire for revenge by the Chigwell family as a cover for their own thirst for revenge?

It is a story of madness, of  bloody retribution, of trust that is betrayed and broken and of lives lost in the name of revenge.

It is an exciting, pacy novel which, at £10.99, will, we predict, be in many a-Christmas stocking this December 25.

It is published by and is available via the That's Books and Entertainment bookshop, which is to the right of the site.

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