Saturday, 19 September 2015

The Reich Device

The Reich Device is set in Germany in the early 1930s, when the Nazi Party was beginning to put together the monstrous operation that was to become the Third Reich.

It is late spring or early summer in 1933 and Professor Gustav Mayer, a German man of science and a genius well before his time has made a startling and somewhat unsettling discovery.

He has developed an utterly new technology that is at least a full century ahead of current scientific thoughts or abilities.

But how safe could his secret be in the world of the 1930s, when secret preparations were being made to thrust Europe and, ultimately, the world, into a new war, even more deadly than the Great War?

Professor Mayer becomes a haunted and a hunted man, tracked by the ruthless assassins of the recently created SS, which had already amassed to itself a dirty and foul reputation for deeds of great evil.

A worldwide chain of events is set into motion, with acts of espionage on a global scale being engendered, tracking across the world from the heart of Nazi Germany to the USA, the Middle East, the UK and South Africa. But why South Africa, in particular?

But is all what it seems? Who is spying on whom? And to what real end?

Are shadowy forces at work? If there are, what are their links to the gigantic corporations that are already towering like a corporate colossus over an unknowing and relatively innocent land of America?

Eventually Mayer falls into the clutches of the evil Commandment Kessler. Driven to madness by his torture, Professor Mayer lets slip a vital part of his secret, but his interrogators fail to grasp the import of what he has revealed to them.

Professor Mayer is moved to the Peenemunde V1 rocket facility. But why? For what reason?

Is there more happening at Peenemunde than is apparent? Is there another, even more deadly, weapon under construction there that could change the whole course of the human race?

Who can stop them? Who will stop them?

The book is written by Richard D. Handy, who is an expert on the hazards of nanotechnology and his expertise shines through in this pulse quickening thriller.

It is published by Matador and costs a remarkably reasonable £8.99 and will be a welcome Christmas gift for those who like World War 2 based thrillers.

It is available via the That's Books and Entertainment bookshop, which is to the right of this site.

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