Friday, 14 April 2017

The War Baby

Set during the turbulent time of World War Two (and the ensuing years) when many of the constraints of  "normal" society were rapidly breaking down, Florence meets and falls in love with Bill who is a sergeant in the RAF, in this novel by Andrée Rushton.

Their love story is brought to a harrowing and premature end when, during the Normandy landings, Bill is reported missing and presumed dead.

Florence realises that she is pregnant with Bill's child and, because she is carrying a child out of wedlock, she is discharged from the WAAF.

Heartbroken by the loss of the love of her life and feeling shamed at being pregnant whilst unmarried she attempts to return home to her family, only to discover that her mother has been killed during a bombing raid and that the family home is utterly destroyed.

She give birth to a son who she names William after her man. She attempts to contact Bill's parents, yet they callously reject her and their own grandson, refusing to help them.

Beaten down, tired and utterly alone in the world she realises that she has no other option but to put her precious child up for adoption. But she never forgets her boy.

When he has grown up, Will hankers after finding out about his mother and his father and the rest of his birth family and he sets out to trace his birth mother.

Will Florence's past decisions come back to haunt her and cause her untold heartache and torment?

Or will it offer her a chance of a redemption of sorts, to provide her with fulminant and closure, of peace of mind and contentment at long last?

It is a well written and sympathetically executed book that looks at the consequences of decisions that people make or, perhaps more pertinently in this case, have thrust upon them.

It's published by The Book Guild at £8.99 and can be bought at the That's Books bookshop, which you will find here

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