Friday, 14 April 2017

Sorak's Redemption

Sorak's Redemption is the first Science fiction novel I have read in a while.

It Is set upon an alien world. An alien world where women are the rulers.

Men are considered to be both inferior and are kept in a subservient state, good for breeding and not much else.

One's social standing is predicated social standing. In short, the darker you are the better off you are in terms of your social rank.

Sorak is very low in the pecking order. Having blue eyes and a pale skin in a society like theirs will do that to a person.

Yet Sorak is becoming increasingly disheartened by her allotted role in life.

She wants more, yet, conversely, she wants less, too. She wants more freedom and less of the mindless violence that runs throughout their society which has evolved into a city state that exists, of itself and by itself, upon an otherwise apparently desertlike unoccupied wilderness.

Slaves are owned and treated brutally, yet why is she so interested in Slave 1562? Could she be falling in love with him? Such a love was totally outlawed and would be punished with the utmost severity.

Yet she could not help herself.

But the whole of society begins to fracture as rivalries and alliances come and go.

Hedley Harrison paints an interesting picture of a planet and a society that, although alien, does bear some relationship to the society that we are familiar with.

It's a fantasy romance, using the background of an alien society to explore some familiar themes, yet at the same time taking a different look at them.

It's published by The Book Guild and is available from the That's Books Bookshop which can be found here

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