Monday, 3 April 2017

In the Doghouse!

In the Doghouse! is new book for children from published author David J. Robertson.

His first children's book, Dognapped! was published by Matador in 2016 and is nominated for the People's Book Prize, 2017.

And now he has reunited his gang of crime fighting pooches for more canine shenanigans and crime fighting.

Rascal is a giant of a German Shepherd. Although he might look a bit scary, the truth is that Rascal is a bit of a cowardly lion type, rather than a ruff tuff canine.

He has grown so large that his kennel can no longer accommodate him, so he very kindly allows his three muttly mates, Misty, Bertie and One-Eyed Rose to have it for their own den.

But one day, the rains come and once they came, they didn't know when to stop! So poor Rascal becomes soaked right through to his skin.

His friends are worried about him catching a chill, so they put their heads together to see if they can find him a new home.

The gang, under the guidance of One-Eyed Rose, end up on the other side of their town, because that, she knows, is a place where they sell kennels.

It's a place that sells a wide range of wooden structures like summerhouses and sheds, but, unfortunately, the gang arrives on a day that it is not open for business!

This doesn't put plucky Rose off, she manages to wriggle her way through a hole in the fence.

There are a group of men working within the compound, loading wooden sheds onto a lorry, using a forklift truck. The men, a gang of robbers, notice the dogs and in the ensuing melee, the summerhouses end up being smashed!

The dogs are chased away, but cowardly Rascal goes the wrong way and becomes lost in the middle of the compound.

When they realise Rascal is lost, the friends go back to find him, but then the alarms are triggered!

What will happen to them? Will they be in a lot of trouble? Where will Rascal be able to live?

The book is wonderfully illustrated by Ian Ward and will be a great book for any child and also for the adults lucky enough to read this story to them!

It's published by Matador at £8.99 and will make a wonderful book to be read by and with children.

You can buy it here at the That's Books bookshop:-

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