Monday, 17 April 2017

Get Rich or Get lucky

In Get Rich or Get Lucky, author Max Nowaz takes his readers through a madcap fantasy tale about a writer who is not as successful as he could be, so he finds it necessary to seek out other less literary endeavours to get-rich-quickly.

His idea is a simple one, yet like most simple ideas there are many potential problems.

The theory is a good one, much vaunted on a variety of TV shows, where someone buys a rundown old house, renovates it, sells it on and makes a wonderful killing whilst doing so.

I mean, what on earth could possibly go wrong? Apart from recalcitrant builders, bothersome council officers and a book of magic.

A book of magic?  Yes, a book of magic. For during one of his renovation projects he finds a book of magical spells in the cellar of an old, decrepit house.

He is, of course, excited by his find and wants to share the news of his find with his two good friends, Charlie and Dick.

However, one thing leads to another and Dick is inadvertently turned into a crayfish.

Adam doesn't, yet, know how to reverse this spell and whilst he is struggling to find a reversing spell to turn Dick back into Dick, he places the crayfish in the pond in the garden.

When the pond floods, Dick vanishes and to make matters worse Dick's worried wife Rachel reports him as missing to the police.

Police officers, in general, take a dim view of people who have vanished and they suspect that Adam is involved in the disappearance. Which, technically speaking, he was, but saying to the police: "It's my fault I accidentally turned my good friend Dick into a crayfish, but he went missing" certainly wouldn't have helped the situation.

To make matters worse (x2) Adam's home is burgled and the book is stolen.

To make matters worse (x3) Adam becomes aware that there is an evil and powerful warlock who is on the hunt for the book.

Adam then realises that he must recover the book of spells, whilst also counteracting the evil warlock. And then, if he can, he must restore Dick to human form.

But then, well, let's just say that things become even more complicated with abductions, dalliances with the delectable, but married, Vera... and even more crayfish.

The book costs £9.99 and is published by Matador. You can buy it here

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