Sunday, 31 July 2016

White Horses, poems by Garfield Taylor

White Horses is a collection of poems by Garfield Taylor.

They are nostalgic and haunting pieces of poetry written by the author and largely taken from his memories of his beloved town of Scarborough and of other towns and locations in and around the coastal areas of the North of England such as Northumberland and Yorkshire.

However there are also fleeting glimpses of other far away places such as Cornwall and Cumbria, Lancashire and even Italy.

The poems are all deeply evocative and draw on a very deep well of the imagination and memory of Garfield Taylor for their inspiration.

There's the White Horses, of course. Then we meet McFee, with his highly effective, yet incredibly dangerous, foray into the world of homemade explosives, the penny that should have been a Pound, the cry of the gulls, the discover or non-discovery of sea holly on the beach, skipping and other fun on Shrove Tuesday (it appears that Shrove Tuesday is a much more fun day in Scarborough and its environs. Just read the poem on page 4 to learn what you might have being missing all these years!)

There's much romance in this collection of poems, the romance of the sea, both wild and tranquil,  the romance of beaches, of the coast, of seaside towns and of people.

There are stories both known and unknown, of the winter winds and the summer breezes, a multitude of ideas both old and new.

This delightful book of poems is published by The Book Guild at £12.99 in hardback. It's available from the That's Books and Entertainment bookshop, to the right hand side of this review.

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