Sunday, 31 July 2016

The Arbitrator

Jim Brown had it all, he was a highly skilled and highly successful administrator, but he has fallen a long way and now, aged 153, he is languishing in prison, dying of a very nasty drug habit.

His crime? Apparently tax fraud. But the reality is that he has was jailed for killing a number of people on the planet Levita, after he met the gorgeous Narissa.

But then, the governor of the prison had called him from his cell. It appeared that he could still be of use to the authorities.

For after a reprieve he is to leave for the planet Pirrus in a distant solar system where he will serve as an arbitrator to try to bring an end to a rebellion and bring matters back under the control of the government.

Should he successfully complete his mission, he would be able to earn enough funds to begin the process of regenerating his body.

However, is all what it appears to be? The situation on Pirris is very finely balanced and things seem to be slipping out of Brown's grasp.

But at about the same time as he thinks that his task has been successfully completed, he meets with Gina, who is the child of one of the rebels. And he discovers through her that there is a plan by outside forces to launch an invasion of Pirrus.

But something is wrong within his own organisation. Is an insider working to make sure that his mission meets with failure? If so, who are they? What are their motives?

Can Brown thwart them and turn the tables on them and on those who are plotting against Pirrus?

The novel is fast paced and filled with characters that are flawed, but still for all that, very human indeed.

Brown is a ruthless and cynical man, yet can even he find redemption and a sense of worth?

But there are secrets that concern Brown that even he knows nothing of.

his is an exciting novel in the fine traditions of the space opera genre, yet interleaved with a great deal of philosophical speculation.

It's published by Matador at the price of £9.99 and will make an ideal gift for the science fiction fan.

You can buy it at the That's books and Entertainment book shop, which is located to the right habd side of this review.

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