Sunday, 31 July 2016

The Ring and the Swastika

In The Ring and the Swastika author Sandy Jenkins explores the situation on Norway after the country was invaded and over-run by the German armed forces.

It tells the story of a half -Norwegian half-British Commando Captain, Erik Kingsnorth.

In 1942 he is landed in Norway as a radio-communications agent.

His instructions are to avoid, if possible, his Norwegian relatives, but he is seen by Bjorn, who is his cousin and a close boyhood confidante.

But it transpires that Bjorn is a traitor to Norway and is collaborating with the German occupiers. The Norwegian Resistance is unaware of who Bjorn is when they order Captain Kingsnorth to kill Bjorn.

He confronts Bjorn at dusk, but finds that family ties destroy  his resolve to liquidate his family member who is also his enemy.

Later Kingsnorth discovers a secret German U-Boat base and he narrowly evades death by the skin of his teeth, chased and shot at by German guards.

The action of the novel; eventually finds itself in Northern Russia as the war where he encountered Russian soldiers where his situation became even more desperate, as the Russians presumed he was a Norwegian collaborator.

Would he survive life in a Russian prison camp? Could he return to Britain? If not, what would return after the war was over?

This is a harrowing and well-written book by an author who clearly knows his history,

It is published in hardback by Matador at £12.99 (paperback £8.99) and can be bought from the That's Books and Entertainment online bookstore which you will find to the right hand side of this review.

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