Sunday, 31 July 2016

Temples Along the Nile by Sarah Symons

Temples Along the Nile is a wonderful book by traveller and writer Sarah Symons.

It takes the reader on a gripping journey along the Nile, passing by and visiting all of the temples that are on the banks of this great river.

Sarah also shares with us facts on the Nile, both in recent times and in antiquity.

The book is copiously illustrated with photographs, mainly very effective black and white images, plus some colour,  that were taken by the author, although her vivid written descriptions also help to create a mind's eye image of what she is describing as she walks through and around the temples of the Nile.

There is also a very helpful map of Egypt.

From the first page, with a very evocative description of the arrival in Luxor, right through to the last page, the book is a detailed description of not only what the temples look like now, but what they would have looked like when they were places of worship for serious, devoted followers of the Egyptian Gods and Goddesses.

Readers join the author as she helps us marvel at the Colossi of Memnon (Kom el Heitan) The Temple of Hathor (Dendera) and The temple of Amun (Karnak) and many other of these ancient religious sites.

But she does more than that. Sarah Symons has taken a serious yet passionate look at the ancient temples of Egypt.

The book costs £14.99 and will appeal to serious and amateur historians, arm chair travellers and those who will be travelling to Egypt in holiday or to work on the archaeological digs in and around the temples of ancient Egypt.

It can be bought at the That's Books and Entertainment bookshop which is to be found to the right of this review.

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