Sunday, 10 July 2016

The Rocky Road of Naughty Neurons Our Journey with Young Onset Alzheimer's Disease

Sylvia Bryden-Stocks's book, The Rocky Road of Naughty Neurons Our Journey with Young Onset Alzheimer's Disease, is a very important book.

Because it offers a vital insight into the shattering and highly emotional journey into the world of Young Onset Alzheimer's Disease.

Sylvia and Brian were husband and wife and they were enjoying a fantastic relationship that was filled with mutual love, respect and fun.

And then Sylvia found herself trapped in a new and horrible world, a world in which she had to quickly learn how to deal with Young Onset Alzheimer's Disease, when Brian was diagnosed with the condition.

The story that Sylvia has written takes the reader through a long journey, from their life pre-diagnosis to the trauma of the diagnosis itself and then through the new life that was thrust upon them as the condition progressed right through to the current day when Brian is in receipt of full-time care.

Sylvia was able to draw upon a wealth of knowledge of holistic healing and coaching which she was able to bring to bear to help not only Brian but also herself through the more trying moments.

The book is a very moving analysis of what happened, but it is also a highly useful guidebook for other people who are going through this very difficult process. I only wish that it had been available when a couple I used to know very well went through the same trauma of the husband being diagnosed as having Young Onset Alzheimer's Disease.

This book belongs in every library and in the resource section of every doctor's surgery and every hospital and carehome in the UK and anyone who is facing this diagnosis in themselves, a family member or a friennd also needs to have a copy.

It is published by The Book Guild and costs £9.99. It's available to purchase at this link

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