Sunday, 8 November 2015

The Naughty Greedy Pandamoth

The Naughty Greedy Pandamoth is a large format book by accomplished artist Sara Leighton and, if there is any justice in this world, it is destined to become one of those classic books which every child should own and which will be enjoyed for decades to come.

Sara has a wild and wicked imagination which allows her to imagine a wild and wide variety of creatures.

Fortunately her natural talent as an artist were been honed by her training at St Martin's School of Art and she has provided absolutely perfect illustrations for all of the creatures she describes.

Some of them you and your children will be delighted to meet - The Fuzzy Bunny Frog, for example- but who would want to meet the Naughty Greedy Pandamoth who would be liable to eat all of your clothes, should he feel a bit peckish?

It is a book that children can enjoy by themselves or they will enjoy sharing them with mothers, fathers, grandparents or older siblings.

Enjoy the Orangotango, the dancing ape from Argentina, The Winged Rainbow Piggycorn, The Pompom-Legged Craboodle, The Guppypuppy and many, many more.

Each of the 30 "amazing animorphs" also has its own lengthy and extremely charming poem which you can read aloud to your children. So long as you do not laugh too much whilst attempting to do so!

At £10.99 this book is a true must have Christmas present. If you buy your child one book this Christmas, please make certain that this book is it.

It is available through the That's Books and Entertainment book shop which you will find at the right hand side of the website.

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