Sunday, 8 November 2015

Public Face Private Vice

Public Face Private Vice is the new novel by Keith Wainman, again featuring Chief Superintendent Charlie Smith, the Bentley driving head of the Murder and Serious Crimes Squad.

This time Charlie Smith has the death of a BBC TV presenter to investigate.

But there is a problem. Gerald Parkin had made so many enemies with his somewhat unfortunate and aggressive attitude toward anyone who he viewed as an inferior (which would be pretty much everyone he encountered during his personal and professional life) that finding the killer could prove to be more than a little problematic.

And why is it that wherever Smith looks he seems to spot people who have something that they would rather keep hidden?

Smith and his team penetrate the very heart of the BBC in their attempts to track down whoever was responsible for the bludgeoning death of Parkin within his own -locked- Docklands pad.

Smith begins to suspect that the killer is always just one step ahead of himself and his team. But how can this be?

And what, exactly, had the incredibly odious Parkin actually been up to?

From where had his killer emerged? From his professional life or his personal life?

And what was the actual motive behind Parkin's murder?

Discover that and discover the killer! But can Smith work out what the motive was?  Can he then deduce who the killer was?

This is an intriguing mystery novel and will make a welcome present for any crime fiction buff, and as it is only £11.99 for this Matador book of 524 pages, it's certainly gonig to be flying from the shelves of the That's Books and Entertainment bookshop, available on the righthand side of this website.

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