Sunday, 15 November 2015

Killing Time

Killing Time is a new crime and mystery novel from the pen of author Ian McFadyen.

A local newspaper journalist receives a text message that contains the taunting claim that the person who is responsible for sending them the text message is also responsible for something a lot more serious. Two local murders.

Detective Inspector Steve Carmichael wonders about the test message and what its contents portend.

Did the text message originate from the mind of a sick and very unpleasant hoaxer? Or did it originate from the mind of a far more sick and even more unpleasant serial killer who is lurking within the normally sleepy Lancashire hamlet of Hasslebury?

After all, the likelihood of the two deaths being murders and linked together is an incongruous proposition.

An unknown tramp mown down by a speeding car? An artist struck and killed by a train? How or why could they be classed as murders, as they were both seemingly totally unconnected tragic, but accidental deaths?

But when a third corpse is discovered, Detective Inspector Carmichael realises that a cunning, intelligent and malevolent mind might, in reality, be orchestrating the deaths.

What link was there with Betty the Hedgehog Lady? And what did Dennis, the handsome RSPCA man know, if anything?

Where the murders unrelated? Or was there a link that Detective Inspector Carmichael would have to dig deep to discover?

There a plenty of twists and turns in the plot to keep the average mystery fan turning the pages and at a very modest £8.99 from The BookGuild this latest in the series of novels featuring the irritable but loveable Detective Inspector Carmichael it will make a splendid Christmas present for the crime and mystery lovers in your family. Or why not treat yourself to a copy?

You can buy it via the That's Books and Entertainment book shop which you will find to the right of this review.

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