Sunday, 15 November 2015

Dear Clementina

Dear Clementina is a new book by Colin Burke, with first rate illustrations by W. H. Mather.

It's a book that all dog lovers -and even, dare I suggest this?- people who do not have such a deep affinity toward our canine compatriots, will absolutely adore.

It tells the tail (sorry! Tale!) of the friendship of two charming and enchanting Border Terrier puppies after they have a chance meeting as 12 week-olds in a park in Manchester.

It examines their friendship through the medium of the spirited and loving letters that Stanley writes to Clementia.

It explores their relationship and the relationships of the humans that surround them, of the imposition of things that vets do to poor, unsuspecting doggies, of pestilential cats, of the things that a dog just has to do, as Clementia and her friend Stanley grow up through their first year.

The story behind the book is equally enchanting.

Colin received an email from a sympathetic friend who was enquiring how Stanley had coped with having the snip?

Instead of addressing the reply to his friend, Colin decided to write the letter as a reply from Stanley to his friend's own Border Terrier puppy, Clementina.

And from that beginning, grew the book: "Dear Clementina."

At £9.99 from Matador, it's  sure to be a fantastic Christmas present for dog lovers, and those who love humorous books) of all ages.

It's available via the That's Books and Entertainment bookshop, to the right of this review on the site.

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