Tuesday, 28 February 2012

New book Eat Right for Your Personality Type will show you how to work with your personality to create the perfect diet for you

For many of us, our relationship with food is complicated, confusing and far from satisfying; just think how often you eat something whilst simultaneously feeling bad about it.

We strive to find the right diet and balance for us, hoping to one day establish healthy eating habits that will leave us looking and feeling great. Yet with so much conflicting opinion about what and what not to eat, few of us know how best to approach this, let alone find the ‘magic combination’ for ourselves - that is until now!

In her new book, Eat Right for Your Personality Type, Karen Knowler reveals that there is one dominant factor governing our relationship with food – our personality type. She explains that after a decade of coaching people about their eating habits it became clear to her that there are different types of eater and that each of these types has individual ways of thinking, feeling and acting around food. The 10 types of eater are:

The Functional Eater; The Sensual Eater; The Intellectual Eater; The Emotional Eater; The Focused Eater; The Intuitive Eater; The Conscious Eater; The Experimental Eater; The Confused Eater and The Social Eater.

In the book Knowler sets out a step-by-step process that will enable you to discover your type (or combination of types); understand the pros and cons of each type and how they impact your life; and learn how to work with your type(s) in order to create a personalised eating blueprint and the perfect diet for you.

Whether you goal is weight loss, energy gain, improved health, inner peace – or simply to create a better fit between your eating and your lifestyle – this book will help you find the best approach for you and get you where you want to go.

Eat Right for Your Personality Type: How to Work with Your Personality to Create the Perfect Diet for You by Karen Knowler is published by Hay House on 5th March 2012, £12.99 paperback (also available as an e-Book)

• A completely new take on food and eating based on your personality
 • How what you eat and drink – and why – shapes not only your body, but every single aspect of your life
• Includes a quick and easy quiz to establish what type of eater you are – available for extract
• Explains the 10 different eater types and outlines 10 different ‘possibilities’ that can be experienced through food
• Includes advice on weight loss

Karen Knowler has been a prominent figure on the international healthy eating, raw food and self-help scene since 1998. A regular in the UK media, she has appeared on TV programmes including LK Today, and has featured in numerous magazines, including Tatler, Glamour and Woman & Home.

Through coaching thousands of people around the globe for over a decade, Karen's discovery of the different eater types has fast become one of the most potent tools for self-knowledge and conscious personal change that she has utilised in her work to date.

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