Friday, 9 December 2011

A Really Raunchy Read? But That's Not Another Story by Rogeri

“Written strictly tongue-in-cheek with a large dose of poetic license coupled with pulp fiction overtones and underlying black comedy,” is how author Rogeri (his pen name) describes his recently published book.
But That’s Not Another Story is an offbeat tale of interconnected stories involving a variety of far-fetched scenarios laced with charmless characters. Each chapter’s chain of events gradually evolves, leading to the next extreme set of circumstances as a result of a telephone call.

Interspersed with sexual situations of a mixed nature (although such scenes are composed in the best possible taste!) the chapters are accompanied by an illustration for the purpose of illuminating each opening scenario.

The storyline ultimately completes a full circle, leading to the opening chapter’s character’s dire set of circumstances that result in a dramatic and conclusive ending.

Having been an avid reader at an early age and encouraged by an English teacher, creative writing in one form or another became one of the author’s prime hobbies. In the case of this novel, a sketch he made during a particular lunchtime whilst at work, as depicted in the first chapter, ultimately transpired itself into this completed and illustrated manuscript masterpiece!

An extract from But That’s Not Another Story is available to read at

ISBN: 0755206819

RRP: £9.95

Imprint: Authors Online

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