Sunday, 4 December 2011

The Archers an Unofficial Companion

The Archers an Unofficial Companion is by Rosie Dillon and it is a must have Christmas present for anyone who is even vaguely interested in The Archers!

The book is exceptionally well-researched and equally well-written.

It will remind the reader of stuff they knew (an example is when Pat and Tony Archer took the then brave decision to go organic) and stuff they either did not know, or had forgotten. Or had happened before they started to listen.

There are regular quiz night at the Bull sections which ask the reader questions about all sorts of facts, some of them very quirky indeed!

My grandfather -who used to help run the family farm in Warwickshire, before ill-health brought about by  a particularly bad case of shellshock and a post World War 1 agricultural recession forced him from the land- always insisted on everyone listening to The Archers and as the author Rosie Dillon lives in rural Warwickshire, I feel there is a kindred spirit there!

The book contains biographies of key characters, famous people who played themselves, potted histories of some of the key locations in The Archers and the love lives of some of the faithful and feckless people who have inhabited Ambridge and surrounding locations since it all began in 1950.

It touches on their triumphs and their tragedies and the ordinary, day-to-day lives of Midland countryfolks.

It is available in hardback at £9.99, and can be bought through the That's Books Amazon book shop on this site.

The ISBN is 978-1-84953-178-8.

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