Friday, 23 December 2011

In Search of Sara Ann - The True Story Of An Adoptive Child

Gareth Adeney

The true story of an emotional reunion with long-sought birth family

An official letter from the State of Israel marks a significant step forward in Gareth's quest to track down his birth mother. Sadly, it comes two years too late for him to actually meet his American mother Sara, who gave birth to him three decades before in the sixties, as a free-loving, Gaia-worshipping college drop-out, during a discreet trip to Israel, returning home alone. She passed away from cancer two years before the paperwork enabling him to trace her was processed.

But her spirit lives on in her rock-guitarist son and charismatic barmaid daughter—Gareth's half-siblings, who are overjoyed to discover that he is trying to make contact with them, his niece, his uncles and his elderly grandmother.

Follow Gareth, or David, as he becomes, preferring his middle name, which was the name Sara gave him, as he travels to Washington state to meet his new-found birth family in an emotional encounter in which Sara's presence is felt as strongly as if she were still alive.

This is the true story of an adopted child who comes to terms with his real family.

Gareth Adeney was born in Haifa, Israel but educated in the UK. He holds an MA in Design Studies and a B Ed. in Design Technology. His career as a teacher and lecturer has seen him travel widely, and he has lived in Malaysia, Finland, Cyprus, USA and latterly, Kazakhstan.

Movingly written and timely piece on the search for a birth mother from the adopted child's point of view
Of nostalgic appeal to those with an interest in the "hippy" era of the Sixties



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