Saturday, 3 June 2017

The Frog Who Was Blue

The Frog Who Was Blue is an enchanting tale from published, prize winning author Faiz Kermani.

Biriwita is a frog. But he most certainly is not like other frogs. Frogs are, in general, coloured green.

Unfortunately for Biriwita, he was not green, he was of a blue hue! As were all the other frogs who lived in Lake Ticklewater, their ancestral home.

He is an ambitious young frog and he longs to be accepted at the highly prestigious Croak College, the most famous and the most elite schools for frogs in the whole of Malawi.

He passes the entry requirements and so he very proudly begins his studies at Croak College.

However, the other frog students just turn their backs on him! Who on earth had heard of a blue frog before? Certainly not them! And they did not intend to even associate with him at all!

In fact, they mocked and ridiculed him to the extent that he became so frightened of the other frogs that rather than sleeping in the school dormitory with them, he chose to hide in a tiny hole near the hill, and cover himself with grass to keep warm.

He couldn't understand why they were so mean to him.

However, their attitude toward him changed during one particularly horrifying evening, wen the green frogs came aware of exactly how helpful a blue frog could be!

The book is wonderfully written and the colourful, vibrant illustrations from Naomi Powell are a perfect compliment.

It's a good, fun read for younger children which also contains some important lessons about life, too.

It costs £6.99 and can be ordered through good book retailers oe bought online at

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